Bihar Board Class 09 English Final Exam VVI Questions


Bihar Board Class 09 English Final Exam VVI Questions

A. Objectives Questions:-

1. Read the passage and answer:- 10 Marks
Raja Krishna Chandra often heard his courtiers complaining that Gopal loved to wake everyone appear like a fool. There was hardly anyone in the court who has not at one time or another tried to get their backs at Gopal but always ended up looking like utter idiots. Raja knew that this was true. One day Krishna Chandra decided to amuse him by beating Gopal.
“Ah, Gopal, I have had a strange dream”, announced the Raja the next day as soon as he saw Gopal in the court. And everyone fell silent in order to listen to the king’s dream.
a. What complaint did the courtiers make to Raja Krishna Chandra?
b. How did Krishna Chandra decide to amuse him?
c. What did Raja tell Gopal?
Choose the correct answer: – 15 Marks

2. Dharma Juddha has been written by……… 
A. Arjun Dev Charan B. Kunal Verma C. Vikram Seth D. Henry
3. Dharma Judha is the story of ………. A young girl.
A. Rupali B. Prema C. Padma D. Padmini
4. “Yayati” Is a…………
A. Paragraph B. Story C. Spiritual poem D. Essay
5. Yayati was a……….
A. Emperor B. Actor C. Author D. Editor

6. Yayati was one of the ……….. Of Pandawa. 
A. Friends B. Sister C. leader D. Ancestors
7. SMS Means:
A. Short Messaging Service B. Simple Messaging Service
8. First short massage has been sent in……….
A. December 1992 B. July 1992
9. Where was born Moti Nisani?
A. USA B. Africa C. China D. India
10. Who wrote chapter ‘Too many people….’?
A. Moti Nisani B. Premchanda C. W. Blake D. Joan Milton

11. Who wrote ‘Echo and Narcissus’? 
A. Joan Benett B. Joan Milton C. Joan Laxau D. David
12. Who was lover of Narcissus?
A. Echo B. Moria C. Benett D. Hera
13. The grandmother’s scarf was………..
A. Red B. blue C. white D. Purple
14. The grandmother’s hand were ……..
A. Hot B. Cold C. Warm and Damp D. None of these
15. Who wrote Paradise Lost?
A. Joan Milton B. Joan Laxau C. William Shakespeare D. O. Henry
16. He is ……….. MLA.
A. The B. a C. an D. None of these

17. Fill appropriate modal verb:- 5 Marks 
(Can, May, Should, Could, Must)
a. We——serve our master honesty.
b. It——–rain today.
c. I ——–lift this box.
d. My father——–be late today.
e. The Candidates——— answer all the questions.
18. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:- 5 Marks
a. The book is …….the table.(on, at)
b. We should be proud ……our country.(of, by)
c. Smoking is injurious ……health.(to, in)
d. The boy jumped……the well.(in, into)
e. The cat is sleeping……a table.(under, at)

19. Correct the spelling of following words:- 5 Marks 
Insart , Sunami, Doughtr, Worsip, folowing.

Class 09 English Final Exam VVI Questions for Bihar Board Students

B. Subjective Questions:-

20. Write an application to your headmaster for three days leaves:- 10 Marks
21. Write a paragraph on one topic:- 10 Marks
a. My School,
b. My Favorite Teacher
c. Dushhara
22. Answer these questions:- 20 Marks
a. Write the summary of ‘A Silent Revolution’.
b. Write the summary of ‘On His Blindness’.

23. Make sentences on these structures:- 10 Marks 
S+ am to +v1+o.*4
S+ can be +o.*4
S+ should +v1*4
S+ have to +v1 +o.*4
24. Translate into English:- 10 Marks
मैं एक अच्छा गायक हूँ ।
वह एक बहुत अच्छा अभियंता है ।
मैं गाना जानता हूँ ।
सुबह में टहलना लाभदायक है ।
यदि वह मुझे आमंत्रित करे तो मैं वहाँ जाऊँगा।
यदि वर्षा होगी तो मैं बाहर नहीं जाऊँगा।
वेलोग किसान हैं।
हमलोग खुश हैं ।
आपका घर कहाँ हैं ?
क्या तुम पढ़ते हो ?