English Grammar for Beginner First Based on language Chapter 01

English Grammar for Beginner First Based on language

Here you will learn the elemental English linguistics. It’s the first chapter of Basic English linguistics. This linguistics chapter has three ways in which of learning English linguistics. First we have a tendency to are visiting share linguistics topic and word apply then you’ve got need to exercise the connected queries of this chapter.
1. Basic English linguistics
What is English?
English may well be a language. It’s a world’s famous language. Also it is an E.S. Language of the world. (The full forms of E.S. is English as Second Language). It is a translated language put together.
What is Language?

Language may well be a medium of language.
The use of language:-
Language helps to share our thoughts and emotions to each completely different.
The types of language.
There are a pair of kinds of language.
A. Basic language or Main language:-
Once we have a tendency to sleep in Republic of India “Hindi” are our Basic language.
B. Translated language or Formatted language:-
Once we have a tendency to sleep in completely different country thus country’s language are our Translated language.
For example- Nepali, Greek etc.
The manner of language’s expression:-

There are three ways in which of language’s expression.
A. Indicating
B. Writing
C. Speaking
The basic skills of language:-
There are four basic skills of any language.
A  Listening and B. Reading. It’s remarked as Input medium.
C  Writing and D. Speaking. It’s remarked as Output medium.
2. Word apply
Write the Hindi meaning in comment box.
Grammar (Noun) =
Beginner (Noun) =
Practice (Noun) =
Practice (Verb) =
Conversation (Noun) =
International (Adj.) =
Emotions (Noun) =
3. Exercise
Please write your answer in your word in the comment box.
A. What’s English?
B. What’s Language and its uses?
C. What share kinds of Language and describe?
D. that’s your main language?
E. What’s Hindi meaning of “Hug”?
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