God Made the Country Summary BSEB 10Th Class English

God Made the Country Summary
Subject:- English, Class:- Ten, Board:- Bihar
Section: – Poetry
Chapter:- First, Chapter Type:- Natural Poem,
Based On:- The Beauty Of The Rural Life.

Poets: – William Cowper (1731 to 1800)

God Made the Country Summary:-


Through this literary work the writer has tried to draw a comparison between a village life thereupon of a life in massive cities and cities. The writer says that truly God created solely a rustic or a village. Man has created cities and cities. The character abounds within the country, within the fields and groves. One will relish the virtues of life solely in villages. One will feel the pleasure of quick flowing wind around and may hear the sweet song of the birds.

The writer says that the persons who board cities and who unremarkably travel in an exceedingly automobile, chariots or sedans don’t feel fatigue or weariness however they become idle and are bereft of enjoying the nature’s beauty that is contact in abundance within the country.
The writer says that the groves are planted to convey relief to the travelers from the hot sun throughout noonday. The wilderness might take rest beneath the reminder the trees with abundant relief. Within the evening, the soothing light-weight to the moon slides between the sleeping leaves of the trees.

The birds on the trees sing in reverberant cadent musical notes. One will discards the shining lamps lighted within the city against this soothing result of the moony night. The writer once more depicts a scenario once the thrush departs when being attentive to the cruel music within the city and therefore the the} nightingale also gets pained and stops singing.
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