Objective of Good Manners for Bihar 12th 50Marks English Prose

For Bihar 12th 50Marks English ProseObjective of Good Manners

Bihar Board 12th 50Marks English Prose Section:-

Chapter Name: – Good Manners

Chapter Number: – Three

Writer: – J.C. Hill

Dear students of Bihar board of 12th class here you will get the objective of Good Manners is written by J.C.Hill. Please study this objectives carefully and a lots of marks in Bihar Board final Intermediate examination.

12th 50 Marks English objective questions for 2021 Bihar Board final intermediate examination.

1. The essay ‘Good Manners’ is written by –

Ans: – J.C.Hill

2. It takes two to speak the truth one to speak and another to hear? Who said this?

Ans: – Thoreau

3. A young man who was strong and healthy used to ignore –

Ans: – Old and weak people

4. Who felt himself on top of life?

Ans: – Two young man

5. One day the healthy young man got an attack of –

Ans: – Influenza

6. After recovering from illness, the young man could move –

Ans: – Slowly

7. How was the journey of the young man after his illness?

Ans: – Tiring

8. In a dangerous world, boys and girls ought to learn that they are –

Ans: – Fragile little things.

9. Talking money from those who have money and giving it to those who have none, means for some people –

Ans: – Socialism

10. What kind of creatures are we on the earth?

Ans: – Humble and small.

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