Bharat Is My Home Summary For Bihar Intermediate Students

Bseb Patna Summary Bharat Is My Home Inter English

Bseb Patna Summary Bharat Is My Home Inter English Part 01

Inter 100 Marks English

Section:- Prose

Chapter – 02 Bharat Is My Home (Writer:- Dr. Zakir Husain)

Bharat Is My Home” may be a kind of short speech delivered by Dr. Zakir Husain. He given the speech when being no appointive because the president of Asian nation. Addressing Asian nation individuals, he secure to form Asian nation a good looking and dynamic country within the world. He pledged to guard our past culture. Dr. Zakir Hussain expressed his feeling to loyalty to the constitution of Asian nation. Any he suggested then to figure arduous for betterment of the country.

Bharat Is My Home Inter English

His heartiest need was to boost our customary of living. Once more he known as Asian nation a young state of ancient individuals. He told U.S.A. to figure for self and to the society around. The given speech was a supply of inspiration to U.S.A… The author of this story assured Indians to figure with justice while not discrimination. Therefore the given speech verified to be a lot of beneficed folks.

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