Chap. The Earth for Bihar.S.E.B Students Objective Questions Part 02

The Earth Objective for Bseb Exam 02

English: – Intermediate 100 Mark English

Chapter: – Nine (9)

Author: – H.E Bates (1905 to 74)

9. All that Johnson’s couple had was the-

a. Wealth

b. Farm

c. Earth (Correct Ans.)

d. A Shop

10. Benjy had understood that the hens exists for the purpose of-

a. Playing

b. Laying eggs (Correct Ans.)

c. Eaten up

d. Selling

11. Benjy had left school at the age of-

a. Fourteen (Correct Ans.)

b. Twelve

c. Ten

d. Eight

12. For many years Benjy’s father had been a –

a. Teacher

b. Local Preacher (Correct Ans.)

c. Banker

d. Runner

13. Johnson couple planed for a small ceremony when Benjy was of the age-

a. 20

b. 21 (Correct Ans.)

c. 24

d. 18

14. Benjy got a passbook having pretty money in bank, when he was of the age-

a. Eighteen

b. Twenty

c. Twenty-one (Correct Ans.)

d. Thirty

15. When Benjy possessed a passbook from his parents, his passbook had low much amount?
a. More than 100 pounds

b. More than 200 pounds

c. More than 220 pounds

d. More than 230 pounds (Correct Ans.)

16. Benjy married Florence at the age of-

a. 30

b. 35

c. 40 (Correct Ans.)

d. 28

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