How free is The Press (Dorothy Leigh Sayers) Objective Questions part 02

How free is that the Press Objective for Bseb Exam 02

These objective questions are very useful for students of Intermediate Board of Bihar Board, so please read the whole and prepare for your English exam well.

1. Under ordinary conditions, which press is singularly free, as mentioned in the essay?

a. Indian press

b. American press

c. British press (Correct Ans.)

d. European press

2. Freedom of press works to secure and sustain the central doctrine of-

a. State

b. Democracy (Correct Ans.)

c. Public

d. Personal interests

3. Every Newspaper is shackled to its own set of-

a. Landlords

b. Overloads

c. Overlords (Correct Ans.)

d. Nightmare

4. What policy widely circulated newspapers dare not support, however much in national interest, that might conflict, vested interests of its advertisers?

a. New policy

b. State policy

c. Public policy (Correct Ans.)

d. Personal policy

5. A big circulation spells bankruptcy if the paper has to depend on its sales for its-

a. Advertisement

b. Policy

c. Ethics

d. Revenue (Correct Ans.)

6. This is the special accomplishment of the press interviewer-

a. Marbling

b. Garbling (Correct Ans.)

c. Titillating

d. Allusion

7. What do free people take for granted?

a. Free home

b. Free schools

c. Free press (Correct Ans.)

d. Free pass

8. Who is the master of the state?

a. Government

b. Press

c. Court

d. People (Correct Ans.)

9. The press can make or break-

a. Colony

b. People

c. Reputation (Correct Ans.)

d. Garbling

10. A free and fair press is the true watching of –

a. Colony

b. Persons

c. Court

d. Democracy (Correct Ans.)

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