How free is The Press Objective Questions Ans For Bihar Board Students Part 01

How free is that the Press Objective for Bseb Exam

8. How free is The Press Objective Questions?

This objective questions is for the student of Bihar Board intermediate students.

1. The essay “How Free Is The Press” is written by-

a. Martin Luther king Jr.

b. Pearl S. Bulk

c. Eurobond Ghosh

d. Dorothy L. Sayers (Correct Ans.)

2. When did Dorothy born?

a. 1883

b. 1893 (Correct Ans.)

c. 1873

d. 1863

3. When did Dorothy die?

a. 1967

b. 1958

c. 1956

d. 1957 (Correct Ans.)

4. When the writer became one of the first women to graduate from Oxford University?

a. 1950

b. 1915 (Correct Ans.)

c. 1918

d. 1919

5. In the following essay the author makes a strong case against-

a. Chained press

b. Slavery

c. Misuse of the freedom of the press (Correct Ans.)

d. Rude editors

6. Without a free press there can be no-

a. Society

b. Free people  (Correct Ans.)

c. Humanity

d. Pease

7. Restrictions are normally placed upon the press in time of-

a. Flood

b. Bloodshed

c. War  (Correct Ans.)

d. Famine

8. Full freedom is restored when it comes-

a. War

b. Famine

c. Peace  (Correct Ans.)

d. Flood

9. The word used in the essay for the uncontrolled freedom of one man, or one gang, to impose its will on the word is-

a. Brutality

b. Tyranny  (Correct Ans.)

c. Dictatorship

d. Coerce

10. For the freedom of the press, we usually mean freedom from direction or-

a. Scandal

b. Pressure

c. Censorship  (Correct Ans.)

d. Direction

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