Bihar Board Class 10 Final Exam English Questions 2021

Bihar Board Class 10 Final Exam English Questions 2021

BSEB Class 10 Final Exam QNA 2021

Section: – A (Objective Questions)

1. You have to find the correct option:- 15 Marks

A. ………….truck is not an easy job.

a. Drive b. driving c. drove d. drives

B. R.C.Hutchinson is novelist.

a. An Indian b. a British c. a Russian d. an American

C. A play was seen in ………

a. Delhi b. Madras c. Dublin d. London

D. Fill this sentence the help of chapter “God made the country and ………… made the town”.

a. Man b. nature c. animal d. none of these

E. Who wrote the poem ‘God Made the Country’?

a. William Cowper b. Joan Milton c. Rabindranath Tagore d. None

F. Ode on Solitude is written by…

a. Alexander Pope b. Robin c. G. Chaucer d. None

G. What gives us trees?

a. Shade b. Water c. News d. Soil

I. and Ecology Bit has been composed by ……….

a. Shakespeare b. Wordsworth c. Premji d. Joan Laxau

J. Ray used to compose ……. For his own films.

a. Music b. lyric c. Tones d. None

K. Who was a ‘Gillu’?

a. Crow b. Sparrow c. Garbage d. None

L. Aung San Suu Kyi was given the Nobel Prize of …..?

a. Peace b. Honor c. Rafto d. Rest

M. When Toni Morrison did received the Novel prize?

a. 1993 b. 1991 c. 1992 d. 1981

N. The new material of cinema is …..

a. Lifeless b. Life c. Heart d. None of these

O. When was the first short film produced in India?

a. 1907, b. 1900, c. 1908, d. 1991

P. Who according to the poet made the town?

a. child, b. Man, c. Animal, d. None of these

Bihar Board Class 10 Final Exam VVI Questions 2021

2. Read the passage and answer the question. 5 Marks

I have served pet animals and birds and all of them are quite fond of me, but I don’t remember any of them doing to eat from any plate, Gillu was an exception. The moment I would reach the cross over the court yard and veranda, reach the table and would want to sit in my plate with great difficulty. I taught him to sit close my plate. His favorite food was Kaiju and when not available for served days, he would refuse other food items and threw down from the swing.

Who is the narrator of this passage?

What does the narrator say about her pet animals and birds?

What would Gillu do when the narrator would enter the dining room?

What lesson did the narrator teach Gillu?

3. Fill appropriate auxiliary verb:- 5 Marks

She —– a letter last week. Write/wrote

I ——– you. Loves/help

He ——- writing a letter for two hours. Is/has been

Her uncle ——- not have a car. Do/does

The teacher does not ——- much work to do. Has/have

Bihar Board Final Exam English Questions Class 10 2021

4. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:- 5 Marks

He gets——- in the morning. Up/to

We are sitting——– the wall. At/on

He kills the tiger—– a gun. At/on

Ravi writes ——- ink. With/in

He and I …… good friends. Is/Am

5. Write the name of writer/poet/poetess:- 5 Marks

The pace for living—


What is wrong with Indian Film—?

God mad the country—

Polythene Bag—

6. Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in Column ‘B’ 5 Marks

Compost a. The science that deals with the relation between the living things and environment.

Garbage b. An act of polluting.

Polluting c. To begin.

Pretend d. Filth.

Ecology e. Manure

English Final Exam Questions 2021 for Bihar Board Class 10

Section: – B (Subjective Questions)

7. Answer these questions:- 20 Marks

a. Write the summary of ‘Acceptance Speech’.

b. Write the summary of ‘Ode on Solitude’.

8. Write an application to your headmaster for three days leaves:- 10Marks

9. Write a paragraph on one topic:- 10Marks,

My School My Favorite book Science

BSEB English Final Exam Questions 2021 for Class 10

10. Make sentences on these structures:- 10 Marks

S+ am/is/are +p.d. +o.*4

S+ must have++o.*4




11. Translate into English:- 10 Marks

वह पढ़ने में तेज है ।

धुप मत खेलो ।

व्यायाम शरीर को स्वस्थ बनाता है ।

दो और दो चार होते है ।

राम बीमार है ।

वह कहाँ जाता है ?

आप कियो गाते है ?

आप बहुत अच्छे है ।

वेलोग परिश्रमी नहीं है ।

सूरज गर्म नहीं है ।