Essay on Solutions of Plastic Pollution


Best Essay on Solutions of Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has become a growing concern worldwide. The govt. of the many countries is taking measures like forbidding plastic luggage to scale back plastic pollution. However, conveyance down this downside is barely potential if we tend to all contribute our bit as accountable kith and kin.

Government should take rigorous Steps

It is time the govt. of varied countries should take strict measures to fight plastic pollution. Here are few steps they must follow:

Keep a Tab on Plastic Production

With the increasing demand of plastic merchandise within the market, the amount of factories producing plastic is increasing worldwide. The govt. should not enable to any extent further plastic makers within the market to stay a tab on the assembly of the things fabricated from plastic.

Ban Plastic things

The government of the many countries have place a ban on the employment of plastic luggage as they contribute to most quantity of plastic pollution. However, in some countries like Asian country, this ban has not been enforced well. The govt. should take rigorous steps to prevent the employment of plastic luggage. This could involve putt a ban on the assembly of plastic luggage yet as hard those found exploitation these.

Spread Awareness

It is of utmost importance to unfold awareness concerning the harmful effects of plastic waste on the environment. This will be done by approach of TV and radio advertisements, billboards and social media. This could facilitate individuals perceive the seriousness of the problem and the way their contribution will build a distinction.

Other straightforward Solutions to Lower Plastic Pollution

Here are bound straightforward ways in which within which we will lower plastic pollution and build the environment cleaner:

Don’t Use Plastic luggage

Plastic luggage get broken into little items that go in the water bodies and enter the soil thereby disrupting the expansion of plants and inflicting damage to the aquatic life. Principally used for grocery looking, these luggage will simply get replaced by reusable textile bags.

Say No to prepacked beverage

Packaged beverage comes in plastic bottles and glasses. These waste bottles and glasses contribute vastly to plastic pollution. As accountable voters we tend to should stop buying prepacked beverage and carry our own water bottles instead.

Avoid Ordering Food

Most aliment restaurants deliver food in plastic containers that boost waste plastic. It’s higher to avoid ordering food from such restaurants. It’s higher to own home sautéed food.


Many employment firms take used plastic containers, plastic bottles and alternative stuff fabricated from this material and recycle it. It’s instructed to administer away such plastic things to those firms instead of throwing them within the bin and adding to the plastic waste.

Purchase Bulk Grocery

It is a decent plan to get larger packages of the grocery things instead of going for many tiny packets. These things are principally packed in plastic luggage or containers. So, this fashion you’ll scale back plastic waste.


It is an enormous challenge to lose plastic and therefore the increasing quantity of plastic waste is resulting in plastic pollution. The straightforward solutions mentioned here will go a protracted approach in lowering the amount of plastic pollution.