Health is Wealth Essay for Bihar Board Intermediate Students

Bihar Board Intermediate Students Health is Wealth Essay

Bihar Board Intermediate Students Health is Wealth Essay

Health is Wealth Essay

As we have a tendency to all sleep in super-fast, jam-pawn ked and busy period. We’ve got to perform multiple tasks throughout the day so as to earn extra money but we have a tendency to forget that physiological condition is as necessary for our healthy life as air and water for the body. We have a tendency to forget to require correct food in timely manner, daily exercises, correct rest, etc. to only earn some false wealth. We should always remember that our health may be a real wealth of the life. It’s true for all that Health is Wealth.

A good health reduces the strain level and promotes healthy life with none sufferings. Continually we must always} always bear in mind of our health and choose regular health check-up. We should always eat balanced food having contemporary fruits, salad, inexperienced foliate vegetables, milk, egg, dahi, etc. in timely manner so as to keep up the great health. an honest health conjointly would like some daily physical activities, correct rest and sleep, cleanliness, healthy surroundings, contemporary air and water, personal hygiene, etc. so as to cut back our rush between hospital and residential, maintain an honest health is best plan. Maintaining sensible an honest a decent health may be a good habit that ought to be practiced from childhood with the assistance of fogeys.

In earlier days, life wasn’t thus feverish. It absolutely was quite straightforward and freed from too several challenges with healthy surroundings as compared to those days. Individuals were healthy as they’d to perform all the daily routine activities by their own hand and body. But now, life within the technological world has become simple however feverish thanks to the competitions. Now-a-days, simple life isn’t attainable as everybody desires to earn extra money to induce higher life than others. Now-a-days, living life has become expensive and hard similarly as unhealthy as everything like air, water, surroundings, food, etc. has become contaminated, infected and contaminated.

People need to work for a minimum of eight to nine hours within the offices by simply sitting on the chair with none physical movement. They are available to direct the late evening or night and become too tired to perform any family work or exercise. Once more within the morning they rise late from bed and do some necessary works like bathtub, brush, breakfast, etc. and head to their work place. During this approach, they live their daily routine solely to earn cash and not their life for themselves. It’s terribly necessary to earn cash for fulfilling some basic desires but, it’s conjointly necessary to measure a healthy and wealthy life that desires an honest health.

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