Objective of If for Bihar 12th 50Marks English Poetry

Objective of Robin for Bihar 12th 50Marks English Poetry

Bihar Board 12th 50Marks English Poetry Section:-


Chapter Name: – If
Chapter Number: – Third
Writer: – Rudyard Kipling
Dear students of Bihar board of 12th class here you will get the objective of “If” is written by Rudyard Kipling. Please study this objectives carefully and a lots of marks in Bihar Board final Intermediate examination.

12th 50Marks English “If” objective questions for 2020 Bihar Board final intermediate examination.

If chapter explanation, If poem Hindi


1. Which poem in the text is like a piece of instructions?
A. If (Correct Ans.) 
B. The Daffodils
C. Adlestrop
D. The Soldier
2. Who has composed the poem ‘If’?
A. W.B. Yeats
B. Rupert Brooke
C. Edward Thomas
D. Rudyard Kipling (Correct Ans.) 

If question answer by Rudyard Kipling 

3. Imagined as two persons whom on may come across in one’s life, in the poem, ‘IF’ are –
A. Head and leg
B. Love and Hate
C. Triumph and disaster (Correct Ans.) 
D. Dream and reality
4. What kind of poem ‘IF’ is?
A. Informative
B. Didactic (Correct Ans.) 
C. Doubtful
D. Descriptive
5. The speaker of the poem ‘If’ is –
A. Son
B. Father (Correct Ans.) 
C. Teacher
D. Priest

If poem summary in Hindi, If by Rudyard Kipling summary and analysis 

6. What does the father in the poem ‘If’ give to his son?
A. Money
B. Love
C. Instructions (Correct Ans.) 
D. Plans
7. The father concludes in the poem ‘IF’ that, if his son would follow all his instructions, then he would become a –
A. Successful man
B. Cheerful man
C. Complete man (Correct Ans.) 
D. Loveable man


Thanks for coming on the ‘If’ objective questions and answers post which is for 2020 Bihar Board final intermediate examination of 12th 50Marks English.