Objective of Adlestrop for Bihar 12th 50Marks English Poetry

Objective of Adlestrop for Bihar 12th 50Marks English Poetry

Bihar Board 12th 50Marks English Poetry Section:-

Chapter Name: – Adlestrop

Chapter Number: – Fifth

Writer: – Edward Thomas

Dear students of Bihar board of 12th class here you will get the objective of “Adlestrop” is written by Edward Thomas. Please study this objectives carefully and get a lots of marks in Bihar Board final Intermediate examination.

About the poet Edward Thomas:-

Adlestrop is a beautiful poem composed by the famous soldier-poet Edward Thomas. Edward Thomas the great poet of England was born in London in 1878. He became famous as a poet just after his death. Thomas had played a very important role in the First World War. Before dying in 1917, he had become an officer in the England army. Earlier he had predicated in the war as a private soldier. Most of the poems, composed in Edward, were published after his death. Only then was he recognized in the literary world as a fine, lucid and sensitive poet.

12th 50Marks English “Adlestrop” objective questions for 2020 Bihar Board final intermediate examination.

1. Edward Thomas’s poem were published –

एडवर्ड थॉमस की कविता प्रकाशित कब हुई थी –

a. In his young age

b. In his old age

c. After his death (Correct Ans.)

d. In his life

2. Edward Thomas was born in –

एडवर्ड थॉमस का जन्म कब हुआ था –

a. 1838

b. 1868

c. 1878 (Correct Ans.)

d. 1888

3. Edward Thomas was died in –

एडवर्ड थॉमस का निधन कब हुआ था-

a. 1916

b. 1917 (Correct Ans.)

c. 1928

d. 1938

4. Adlestrop is a —-

अडलेस्टरोप एक क्या है ?

a. An airport

b. Railway Station (Correct Ans.)

c. Bus stand

d. None of them

5. In the poem the poet describes the activities of –

कविता में कवि किसकी गतिविधियों का वर्णन करते है –

a. Government

b. Vendors

c. Nature (Correct Ans.)

d. None of these

6. Edward Thomas had played a very important role in –

एडवर्ड थॉमस ने कहाँ एक महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई थी –

a. A drama

b. The First World War (Correct Ans.)

c. A concert

d. The second world war

7. The natural beauty of which place had mesmerized the poet that he had to compose a poem?

किस स्थान की प्राकृतिक सुंदरता ने कवि को मंत्रमुग्ध कर दिया था कि उसे एक कविता रचना करनी थी?

a. Adlestrop (Correct Ans.)

b. Meadow

c. Innisfree

d. Ireland

8. Who is the poet of the poem, ‘Adlestrop’?

एडल्ट्रॉप ’कविता के कवि कौन हैं?

a. Edward Thomas (Correct Ans.)

b. John Edward

c. Rupert Brooke

d. Rudyard Kipling

9. What comes in the memory of the poet Edward Thomas?

कवि एडवर्ड थॉमस की याद में क्या आता है?

a. The express-train

b. A blackbird

c. Adlestrop (Correct Ans.)

d. Green meadows

10. At what time the express train stopped at a lonely station Alder strop?

किस समय एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन अकेले स्टेशन पर रुक गई थी?

a. Morning

b. Evening

c. Afternoon (Correct Ans.)

d. Night

11. The poet had heard the singing of –

कवि ने किसकी गायन सुना था –

a. Moving train

b. Cuckoo

c. Blackbird (Correct Ans.)

d. A girl

12. What was surrounded around the blackbird?

ब्लैकबर्ड के चारों ओर क्या था?

a. Cloudlets

b. Mist कोहरा (Correct Ans.)

c. Willows

d. Haycocks

Thanks for coming on the ‘Adlestrop’ objective questions and answers post which is for 2020 Bihar Board final intermediate examination of 12th 50Marks English.