The Artist Summary for BSEB intermediate students

The Artist Summary for Bseb Exam Students

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Prose

Chapter – 06

Chapter Name: – The Artist

The Artist Summary

Artist Colony is a village simulation game which revolutionizes the genre. According to theories like games such as the entire Virtual Villagers series, the entire objective of Artist Colony is to make and also manage a thriving colony comprised of individuals from all aesthetic walks of life form painters and also sculptors to singers and also guitarists. The narrative of Artist Colony begins a generation ago when a couple of very best friends – both artists – chose to found a secluded and self-sufficient village where individuals from all aesthetic talents can live and develop their abilities in peace and among similarly minded individuals.

Sadly, this prosperity began to unravel when a gorgeous sculptress turned up in the colony and drove both best friends against each other battling for her love. One buddy won her love and had a son, but when she ended up sleeping together with another friend and conceived his son, the entire thing fell apart and also the colony disbanded. The game of Artist Colony picks up the story one generation later when one of the sons comes back to the abandoned colony with HIS best friend with the intent of reviving the notion of the artist colony and restore the village to its former glory.

The game begins together with the best friends arriving at the old colony that has fallen into disrepair. The game slowly introduces the mechanics to you while explaining the background and the short term and long terms goals of the game. The overall goal of the game is to restore the artist colony to its former glory. This is done by bring a whole lot of artists to experience n she colony and by restoring all of its landmarks. Each type of artist has a job that they can train in. In order for more artists to arrive at the colony, these training centers will need to be upgraded.

These updates and the landmark restorations equally require cash, which can be earned by selling masterpieces: artwork produced by your artists. These masterpieces at them can only be created when your artists have sufficient training and also are inspired. Artists need inspiration to be capable of producing great artwork. They can be motivated by beautiful surroundings like fountains and flower beds, and thru romance with fellow artists. When their own objects of affection return their own improvements, they become motivated to create works of love. They can nevertheless create masterpieces if their romantic improvements are rejected. They’ll just paint, write and sing about heartbreak instead.

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