The Pace for living Summary Bseb 10th Class English Part 01

The Pace for living Summary

The central plan of this essay is to grasp lightweight on the quick ever-changing scenery of the globe. Everything is occupancy quick mode. The technology is ever-changing on a daily basis. The new technological advancements affects the lifetime of man. The recent technology becomes obsolete and a replacement technology takes over. Man needs to keep up with the ever-changing world of these days otherwise he are left behind within the race and can must repent for the loss when a while. The new generation can feel the pinch.
 R.C. Hutchinson

About the writer R.C. Hutchinson

A British author, exhibits associate degree exceptional aptitude for touching the sensitive problems with the up to date society, with all its contradictions and contradiction in terms. In ‘The Pace for Living’ R.C. Hutchinson captures the agony of contemporary man. He splendidly brings out however the quick movement of men, things and objects hurts the conventional rhythm and exerts undue pressure on men, ladies and youngsters.




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