The Parts of Sentence for beginner chapter 04

The Parts of Sentence for beginner

English Grammar for Beginner


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Here you’ll learn the fundamental English synchronic linguistics. It’s the fourth chapter of Basic English synchronic linguistics. This synchronic linguistics chapter has 3 ways of learning English synchronic linguistics. 1st we are going to share synchronic linguistics topic and word apply then you have got to exercise the connected queries of this chapter.
 1. Basic English synchronic linguistics
The Sentence:-
 . After we need to talk or write use words. Words typically use in groups; as,
E g. Ram goes to the varsity.
        Be quiet.
 Wherever does one study?
 . Words create a sentence.

 . A gaggle of words which provides complete sense, is termed a Sentence.
The elements of Sentence
There are 2 elements of Sentence.
A. Subject
The half that names the person or issue we tend to are speaking concerning. This is known as the topic of the sentence.
The subject of a sentence comes 1st. it’s the most a part of sentence.
We visited Delhi.
Soria dances in Patna.
B. Predicate

The half that tells one thing concerning the topic is termed Predicate.
The Predicate of a sentence comes when the topic. It the most and second a part of sentence.
We visited Delhi.
Soria dances in Patna.
2. Word Practice:-
Write Hindi which means of those words.
1. Sentence
2. Complete
3. Group
4. Subject
5. Predicate
Write answers in the comment box bellow.
3. Exercise:-
Separate the topic and Predicate within the following sentences.
He contains a sensible memory.
The sun rises within the east.
All roads result in tramp.
We cannot pump the ocean dry.
I shot Associate in nursing arrow into the air.
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