Bseb Idea That Have Helped Mankind Summary Inter English Part 01

Bseb Idea That Have Helped Mankind Summary

Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Prose

Chapter – 05

Chapter Name: – Idea That Have Helped Mankind

Writer: – Bertrand Russel 18.05.1872-02.02.1970

Summary of this chapter:-

It is an awfully instructive and thought-providing essay by the eminent British thinker, somebody and author, Bertrand Russel. Here the author has talked regarding those concepts and inventions that have helped grouping develop his intellectual ethical and scientific schools and improve his economic standing and qualities of life. These enabled our civilization to grow and develop to such an extent that currently we tend to are happy with our civilization. However, he warms United States of America that the task of creating folks freer happier, a lot of happy and peaceful continues to be incomplete.


In the early stage of our civilization the task was to extend our numbers. Man completed that task by exploitation his intelligence. The invention of fireplace tested to be a mile-stone. The demonstration of animal pushed up agricultural growth. It provided stability to our life. The invention of press, the expansion of language and therefore the art of writing created United States of America rise from a wild state to our gift developed state. These concepts and inventions created United States of America superior to animals. However, we tend to are a lot of emotional that robes United States of America of our mental peace.

Important words hints:-

Conception = धरना

Numerous = बहुत

Diversity = विविधता

Indubitable = जिस पर संदेह नहीं किया जा सके

Subsisting = जीवित रहना

Precariously = भाग्य पर निर्भर होने वाला

Nourishment = पोषण

Infancy = बचपन

Agility = चंचलता

Hirsute = रोएँ से ढाका हुआ

Intention = इरादा

Congenital = जन्मजात

Dominates = प्रभावित होना

Foresee = आगे सोचना

Catastrophe = अचानक दुःख से दुखित

Starvation = भूख से मरना

Curbing = रुकावट करना

Averts = टालता

Acquaintance = परिचय

Snooze = झपकी

Brutes = पशुओ

Herd = समूह

Omens = चिन्हो

Utilization = उपयोगिता

Pleasanter = सुखदायक

Anthropologist = मानव शास्त्र का ज्ञाता

Foresee = दूर की सोचना

Domestication = घरेलूकरण

Persimmons = एक प्रकार का फल

Cluster = समूह में

Panting out = हाफ्ते हुए बोलना

Dashed = टकर दिया

Incensed = सुगन्धित, गुस्साए

Raucously = भराये हुए स्वर में

Fury = गुस्सा

Confiscated = जब्त किया

Stern = कठोर

Agony = क्रोध

Inconspicuous = अप्रकट

Vindictive = प्रतिशोध से भरा

Rhetoric = अलंकार-शास्त्र

Querulous = हमेशा शिकायत करने वाला

Whine = विलाप करना

Systematically = क्रमानुसार

Sooty = कालिख से भरा हुआ

Rites = आचारों

Cannibalism = राक्षसपन

Moloch = एक प्राचीन हेब्रू देवता जिसे बच्चो की बलि दी जाती है

Evangelicals = क्रिस्चन

Prehistoric = प्राक-ऐतिहासिक

Thence = वहाँ से

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