I Have A Dream Summary for Bseb Exam Students

Bseb Patna I Have a Dream Summary Inter English Part 01

Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Prose

Chapter – 04

I Have A Dream Summary (Writer: – Martin Luther King, Jr. 15.01.1929 – 04.04.1968)


I Have a Dream’ is truly associate in nursing extract from the ennobling speech delivered by the good human rights activist and Nobel-Prize-Winner, Luther King Jnr. a Negro leader in 1963. Here he calls upon the Negroes of America to require a pledge to fight for his or her simply rights in an exceedingly nonviolent approach.
He reminds them that thought slavery in America has long been abolished however the Negroes are still poor, exploited and racially discriminated. Social and economic justice remains a so much cry. So, the struggle by Negroes should continue. But their artistic protest shouldn’t degenerate into physical violence and emotion. Their fight should be peaceful and disciplined.

He conjointly reminds the white Americans that everyone men are created equal by God. They must shed their emotion for the Blacks as a result of the blacks also are the voters of the identical America. He hopes that every day can return once the peach the blacks and Whites can sit along at a table of brotherhood and Alabama, too can become a developed state because the different state of America.

Important Word Meaning:-

Dream = सपना

Symbolic = सांकेतिक

Emancipation = मुक्ति

Proclamation = घोषणा

Momentous = बहुत महत्वपूर्ण

Decree = आदेश

Beacon = संकेत के लिए पर्वत पर

Slaves = गुलाम

Seared = कड़ा करना

Flames = लपट, ज्वाला

Withering = मुर्झाना

Daybreak = सबेरा

Manacles = हत्कडी

Segregation = अलगाव

Languishing = कास्ट उठाना

Exile = वनवास

Appalling = दुखद

Promissory = प्रतिज्ञायुक्त

Obligation = आभार

Bankrupt = दिवालिया

Hallowed = पवित्र किया हुआ

Fierce = भयानक

Cooling off = धीरज ना खोना

Tranquilizing = शांतिप्रिय बनाना

Racial Justice = जातीय न्याय

Fatal = घातक

Tribulations = यातनाये

Persecution = बुरा

Veterans = दक्ष लोगो

Redemptive = मुक्ति दायक

Frustration = निराशा

Creed = सिधान्तो की पद्धति

Desert = मरुभूमि

Oppression = अत्याचार

Nullification = रद्द करना

Crooked = कपटी

Pilgrim’s pride = तीर्थ यात्रिओ का गौरव

Hilltop = पहाड़ी की चोटी

Heightening = उचाई देना

Snowcapped = बर्फ से आच्छादित

Hamlet = छोटा गांव

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