Indian Civilization and Culture Summary For Bihar Intermediate Students

The Summary of Indian Civilization and Culture

The Summary of Indian Civilization and Culture

The outline of Indian Civilization and Culture Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) has fantastically narrated the sound foundation of Indian Civilization during this essay. He has compared our ancient civilization with the Western civilization. He says that the Indian civilization elevate the ethical being whereas the Western civilization is to propagate immorality.

Indian Civilization and Culture is an essay that presents the concepts of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi regarding the Indian civilization and culture. He compares the Indian or the traditional civilization with the Western or the fashionable civilization. He says that Indian civilization develops morality whereas Western civilization spreads immorality. Our civilization will teach the planet, therefore, we’d like not copy the Western civilization. Our ancestors suggested U.S.A. to keep up distance from the employment of machinery as a result of the employment of machinery could paralyze hands and feet. They prompt resisting our desires to steer a contented life. Our civilization remains alive whereas the opposite civilizations of the planet died. Therefore, in Gandhi’s words if we wish our Republic of India to rise and shine, continuously we must always} always worth the glory and dignity of our civilization and culture. There’s no match for it during this world wherever a mad rush for materials has deadened the mind of individuals.

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