Objective Questions of A Marriage Proposal for BSEB Intermediate Students

A Marriage Proposal for BSEB Intermediate Students Objective Questions

Section: – Prose (Comedy)

Chapter: – 11 (Eleven)

Chapter: – A Marriage Proposal

Author: – Anton Chekhov (1860 to 1904)

Objective Questions and answers:-

1. Who is the writer of the prose piece, ‘A Marriage Proposal’?
a. William Shakespeare

b. H.E. Bates

c. Anton Chekhov (Correct Ans.)

d. Manohar Malgoankar

2. Anton Chekhov was born in-
a. 1850

b. 1860 (Correct Ans.)

c. 1855

d. 1865

3. When did Anton Chekhov die?

a. 1889

b. 1990

c. 1902

d. 1904 (Correct Ans.)

4. Mr. Stepanovich Choobookow is a-

a. Lawyer

b. Landowner (Correct Ans.)

c. Writer

d. Poet

5. Natalia is the daughter of-

a. Choobookov

b. Ivan

c. Chekhov (Correct Ans.)

d. Vasilyevich

6. How old is Natalia?

a. Twenty years

b. Twenty one

c. Twenty eight

d. Twenty five (Correct Ans.)

7. ‘A Marriage Proposal’ presents characters who cause their won-
a. Beliefs

b. Comfort

c. Comedies

d. Discomfort (Correct Ans.)

8. How did Choobookov react when he comes to know that Lomov wants to marry Natalia?

a. Happy (Correct Ans.)

b. Sad

c. Angry

d. Thoughtful

9. Lomov thinks that his is a critical age because he is-

a. Forty five years old

b. Thirty eight years old

c. Thirty five years old (Correct Ans.)

d. Forty eight years old

10. Who has got a heart condition, with palpitations all the time?

a. Choobookhov

b. Natalia

c. Lomov (Correct Ans.)

d. Chekhov

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