Song of Myself Objective Questions for BSEB intermediate students

BSEB intermediate students Song of Myself Objective Questions

Song of Myself Objective Questions for BSEB intermediate students

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 02

Chapter Name: – Song of Myself

About the Poet: –

Poet: – Walt Whitman 31.05.1819 – 26.03.1892

Walt Whitman is associate eminent yank writer. He’s the best writer of Yankee attribute and democracy.
This objective queries are for the Bihar board of intermediate students for all streams.
Notes – This web site describes all the target queries of this chapter and its descent, students are requested to apply all the queries properly in order that you’ll be able to get sensible points within the examination.
Song of Myself necessary Objective Questions:-

1. Who wrote the poem ‘Song of Myself’?

a. W.H. Auden

b. John Keats

c. Walt Whitman (Correct Ans.)

d. T.S. Eliot

2. When did born Walt Whitman –

a. 1820

b. 1819 (Correct Ans.)

c. 1822

d. 1815

3. When did die Walt Whitman –

a. 1872

b. 1862

c. 1892 (Correct Ans.)

d. 1870

4. ‘Leaves of grass’ a collection of poetry, is written by –

a. W.H. Auden

b. Walt Whitman (Correct Ans.)

c. T.S. Eliot

d. John Keats

5. Walt Whitman enjoys himself and sings for –

a. Public

b. Beloved

c. Children

d. Self (Correct Ans.)

6. The poet discards?

a. Mankind

b. Nature’s beauty (Correct Ans.)

c. Beloved

d. State

7. In this poem who speaks?

a. A boy

b. A girl

c. The poet himself (Correct Ans.)

d. An old man

8. What does Walt Whitman see in summer?

a. Sunny days

b. Girls playing

c. Spike of grass (Correct Ans.)

d. Yellow flowers

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