Song of Myself Summary for BSEB intermediate students

BSEB intermediate students Song of Myself Summary

Song of Myself Summary for BSEB intermediate students

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 02

Chapter Name: – Song of Myself

About the Poet: –

Poet: – Walt Whitman 31.05.1819 – 26.03.1892

Walt Whitman is an eminent American poet. He is the greatest poet of American ethos and democracy.

Notes: – This chapter of summary is for the Bihar board of intermediate students for all streams.
This website describes the summary of this chapter and its descent, students are requested to practice all the questions properly so that you can get good points in the examination.

The literary composition entitled ‘Song of myself’ has been written by poet. The writer is thought jointly of the foremost individual writer of America. Here during this literary composition he needs to sing the song of life himself. He desires to ask his therefore so on forget past events. He doesn’t to require others interference in his personal life. He considers it true that each one mortals are alike. The writer is extremely a lot of pleased with his country. His body has been shaped from the soil and air of America. He prays almighty God to stay him hale and hearty before death. Some events are occurred in his life. He appeals God to administer him strength to forget past events any the writer praise God to talk him the least bit hazards. His hear fest need is to talk solely. There for God wouldn’t cheek his original energy. Like thus, this literary composition is simply for the sake of watt with man.

Important Words with Hindi meaning:-

Assume = ग्रहण करना

Belonging = पास पास होना

Loafe = बिना उदेश के घूमना

Soul = आत्मा

Lean = झुकना

Spear = भाला

Soil = मिटटी

Being = शुरू करना

Hoping = आशा करना

Cease = रुकना

Creeds = धार्मिक विश्वासों

In abeyance = रोके रखना

Retiring = सेवा निबृत होकर

A while = थोड़ा

Sufficed = काफी होना

Harbor = विस्वाश करना

Hazard = संकट

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