Sweetest LovDoe I  Not Goe Summary bseb Inter English Part 01

Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe Summary bseb Inter English

Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe Summary bseb Inter English Part 01

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 01

Chapter Name: – Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

Poet: – Bertrand Russel 22. 01. 1572 – 31. 03. 1631

Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe Summary

It is one amongst the attractive dramatic love lyrics of poet, the leader of the Metaphysical faculty of poets. Poet is primarily a love-poet. His love poetry is unconventional, contemporary and original. Here seriousness and levity, feeling and intellect, passion and thought have finely been amalgamated in an exceedingly distinctive whole. during this literary work, the writer speculates over death and presents the helplessness of man in face of destiny however he conjointly highlights the eternity and immortality of true love that lives forever even when death.


The writer goes abroad and his beloved is gloomy over this parting. So, the writer tells her that this temporary parting is really a rehearsal of the ultimate parting that comes with death. He tells her that he’s neither uninterested in her nor he needs a much better woman as his beloved. He asks her to not sob as a result of that may weaken him and her also. He assures her that he can presently return to her with a speed quicker the sun that sets within the evening however rises up within the morning. He reminds her that love dwells within the souls of lovers. Even death cannot take it away.

Important Words with Hindi Meaning:-

Artist = कलाकार

Gourds = कोहड़ा

Sizable = काफी बड़ा

Neat = साफ

Dregs = गिलास में बचा अंतिम बून्द

Passionately = उत्तेजित होकर

Strolling = सैर करना

Startled = चकित

Elongated = लम्बे किये

Wagging = आगे पीछे करना

Curio-shop = कोतूहलपूर्वकृत दुकान

Confectioner = हलवाई

Poured = उड़ेलना

Foot warmer = पैर को गर्मी प्रदान करने वाला

Damp = भिंगापन

Adoringly = सराहना करते हुए

Harbor = बंदरगाह

Wandering about = भटकना

Gnarled = घुंघरेला

Peculiarly formed = विचित्र ढंग से बना

Ordinary looking = सामान्य दिखने वाला

Inwardly = अंदर की ओर

Clumsy = फूहड़

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