Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast Summary for BSEB intermediate students

Summary for Bseb Students Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast

Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast Summary for BSEB intermediate students

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 03

Chapter Name: – Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast

About the Poet: –

Poet: – Wystan Hugh Auden 21 Feb 1907 – 29 Sept 1973

Wystan Hugh Auden was the poet of America. He is the greatest poet of American and known for political, moralistic, love, and religionist content.

The literary work particularly ‘Now the Leaves are Falling quick may be a terribly ennobling literary work by W.H. Auden. The writer describes here morality of all living things.
This is a natural literary work. It deals with the season season. Leaves are falling. They leave their branches. Trees became leafless. They give the impression of being bald. They’re coated with snow. The trees coated with snow and appearance terribly lovely.

Further the writer mentions arrival and departure of groups of people permanently from this world. The writer suggests that to mention that we tend to are sleeping to words death and by traveler of God is gift everyplace. He desires the snatch our real delight. So, active hands have stopped operating. They’re fearful of because of decaying of life. Unknown creatures are curious within the leafless wood however death is additionally chasing then. Lovely bird nightingale isn’t making melodious song. She has gone troubled. When death our soul goes to unreal place white falls over it and therefore the soul is blessed. This can be the fact of life.


Like therefore the writer fantastically describes mortality of life consistent with the rule of the character. We tend to all can leave this world in the future. Solely our smart deed can stay static for all times to come back. Nobody will escape of death.

Notes: – This website describes the summary of this chapter and its descent, students are requested to practice all the questions properly so that you can get good points in the examination. This chapter of summary is for the Bihar board of intermediate students for all streams.

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