Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast Objectives Questions And Answers for Bihar Board Intermediate Students

Objective for Bseb Students Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast

Bihar Board Intermediate 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 03

Chapter Name: – Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast

About the Poet: –

Poet – Wystan Hugh poet twenty one Feb 1907 – twenty nine Sept 1973
Wystan Hugh poet was the author of America. He’s the best author of yank and known for political, moralistic, love, and someone content.
Notes – This objective queries are for the state board of intermediate students for all streams.

This post describes all the state Board English objective queries of this chapter and its descent, students are requested to observe all the queries properly so you’ll be able to get sensible end in the state Board examination.

Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast Important Objective Questions:-

1. Who wrote the poem ‘Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast’?

a. John Keats

b. W.H. Auden (Correct Ans.)

c. Rupert Brooke

d. T.S. Eliot

2. When did born W.H. Auden?

a. 1917

b. 1908 (Correct Ans.)

c. 1907

d. 1913

3. When did die W.H. Auden?

a. 1963

b. 1953

c. 1973 (Correct Ans.)

d. 1965

4. When did W.H. Auden win the Pulitzer Prize?

a. 1947

b. 1958

c. 1948 (Correct Ans.)

d. 1946

5. In the poem what things are falling fast?

a. Snow

b. Flowers

c. Leaves (Correct Ans.)

d. Ball

6. The ‘real delight’ of the ageing persons are disturbed by –

a. Nurse’s flowers

b. Starving people

c. Whispering neighbors (Correct Ans.)

d. Cold

7. The prams are –

a. Running

b. Rolling (Correct Ans.)

c. Standing

d. Broken

8. What is the meanig of Trolls?

a. Wicked creatures (Correct Ans.)

b. Ghost

c. Angel

d. Jews

9. Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast deals with ……..

a. Nature (Correct Ans.)

b. Love

c. War

d. None

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