Ode to Autumn Summary for BSEB intermediate students

Ode to Autumn Summary for Bseb Students Exam

Ode to Autumn Summary for BSEB intermediate students

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 04

Chapter Name: – Ode to autumn

About the Poet: –

John Keats was born on 31st of October 1795 and died on 23rd February 1821. He was an English Poet. He was the second generation of Romantic poet. He was born in Moorgate, London, England and died in Rome, Papal States.

Ode to Autumn Summary:-

In this verse form romantic young author poet describes the wonder of time of year season. He brings into lightweight the very fact that this season if filled with ripe fruits.
All types of fruits add beauty to the present season. Trees are laden with fruits. Bosom friend of time of year conspires the way to swallow fruits and fill juice to the core. During this season the character appearance foliage. All the living creatures look forward to arrival of this season. Bees take juice of flower and assume that it’ll ne’er finish. Twittering of birds with gay is on the far side description. They fly high within the sky and make melodious songs. Farmers are terribly happy within the season. They harvest and store their crops. Little insects sing in their loud voice as if they’re additionally rejoicing time of year.

In this nature verse form poet has mentioned the wonder and quality of time of year season. In praise of this season the author has given exalting examples in a very peculiar means. Poet is incredibly renowned for writing nature verse form.

Notes: – This website describes the summary of this chapter and its descent, students are requested to practice the summary properly so that you can get good points in the examination. This chapter of summary is for the Bihar board of intermediate students for all streams.

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