Ode to Autumn Objective Questions for BSEB intermediate students

Ode to Autumn Objective for Bseb Students

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 04

Chapter Name: – Ode to autumn

About the Poet: –

John Keats was born on thirty first of October 1795 and died on twenty third Feb 1821. He was Associate in Nursing English writer. He was the second generation of Romantic writer. He was born in Moorgate, London, England and died in Rome, apostolic States.
 Notes  – This objective queries are for the Bihar board of intermediate students for all streams.This post describes all the Bihar Board English objective queries of this chapter and its descent, students are requested to observe all the queries properly in order that you’ll be able to get smart lead to the Bihar Board examination.

Ode to Autumn Objective Questions:-

1. Who wrote natural poem ‘Ode To Autumn’-

a. John Donne

b. John Keats {Correct Ans.}

c. Kamla Das

d. T.S. Eliot

2. The chapter Ode to autumn is a –

a. Drama

b. Story

c. Poetry {Correct Ans.}

d. Essay

3. Ode to autumn poems describes –

a. Love

b. War

c. Nature {Correct Ans.}

d. Struggle

4. When comes New leaves and fruits on trees –

a. Summer

b. Autumn {Correct Ans.}

c. Winter

d. Rainy

5.Who twitters in the sky?

a. Eagles

b. Flowers

c. Swallows {Correct Ans.}

d. Kites

6. Autumn is a close friend of mature –

a. Moon

b. Flowers

c. Sun {Correct Ans.}

d. People

7. When starts Autumn after –

a. Rains

b. Summer {Correct Ans.}

c. Winter

d. Cold

8. When did born John Keats-

a. 1785

b. 1765

c. 1795 {Correct Ans.}

d. 1805

9. When did die John Keats-

a. 1820

b. 1821 {Correct Ans.}

c. 1815

d. 1825

10. What Fill all fruits with ripeness.

a. The earth

b. The Sun {Correct Ans.}

c. The tree

d. None

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