An Epitaph Objective Questions for Bihar Board intermediate students

An Epitaph Objective for Bseb Students Exam

BSEB Inter 100 Marks English

Section: – Poetry

Chapter – 05

Chapter Name: – An Epitaph

About the poet:-

Walter Dela Mare was a British author. He was referred to as story author and writer. He was born on twenty fifth of April 1873 in Charlton Kent, England, U.K. and died on twenty second of June 1956 in Tw Ickenham, Middlesex, England.


Notes – This objective queries are for the state board of intermediate students for all streams. This post describes all the state Board English objective queries of this chapter and its descent, students are requested to apply all the queries properly so you’ll be able to get smart end in the state Board examination.

An Epitaph Objective Questions and Answers:-

1. ‘An Epitaph’ Chapter is a –

a. Story

b. Travelogue

c. Essay

d. Poetry {Correct Ans.}

2. Walter de la mare is known as a-

a. War poet

b. Children’s poet {Correct Ans.}

c. Natural poet

d. Romantic poet

3. An Epitaph Chapter writer is of–

a. Walt Whitman

b. Walter Dela Mare {Correct Ans.}

c. T.S. Eliot

d. D.H. Lawrence

4. Walter de la Mare was honored by Queen Elizabeth II with the ‘Order of Merit’ in –

a. 1943

b. 1933

c. 1953 {Correct Ans.}

d. 1952

5. The Birth Day of  Walter de la mare was in –

a. 1863

b. 1883

c. 1882

d. 1873 {Correct Ans.}

6. The Died Date of  Walter de la mare was of –

a. 1916

b. 1956 {Correct Ans.}

c. 1966

d. 1976

7. However rare, beauty-

a. Rules

b. Crumble

c. Vanishes {Correct Ans.}

d. Expresses

8. Walter de la mare expresses his sad feeling for a –

a. Boy

b. Girl

c. Baby

d. Lady {Correct Ans.}

9. Where does the lady lie?

a. Park

b. The market

c. Graveyard {Correct Ans.}

d. Backyard

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